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Renting a NYC Party bus for Long Island Wine Tours, and Proms

December 21, 2015

Motor Coach Limo BusRenting a NYC party bus for your Long Island Wine / Brewery Tour or Prom can be challenging.    You’ve worked very hard to make this day very memorable.  Last on the list of things to do is finding transportation that will suit your group comfortably and safety.   The idea of a NYC or Long Island party bus which sounds like a great deal of fun.  Pick a limousine company that shows the nicest buses. The company you find seems nice on the phone, so you hire them.  However, on the day of your event you notice that it’s sort of cramped in the bus and at least 5 people have no were to sit.  You’ve been lied too.  So, this is lesson 101 on renting the proper bus for your group size.  Firstly, go and visit the limousine company and view the bus.  If they tell you the bus is out working, make an appointment when it won’t be working. Notice weather or not there is a rest room on the bus.  Notice the height of the ceiling, how many rear axles, 2 are better than 1. Now the real test, passenger capacity.  How do you figure out if they are stretching the truth.  There is a diamond shaped NYSDOT inspection sticker on the passenger side of the vehicle’s windshield.  On the back side of this sticker will be handwritten the vehicles seating capacity.   Lastly ask for the operators NYSDOT / MC / and NYSDOT numbers.  Armed with this information go to .  You have entered the NYSDOT web site.  Armed with the information, you can look up the company’s safety record.   Now that you have done your homework you will be able to enjoy your special day.  Don’t be fooled, do your homework.  For the record, our NYSDOT # is 36481 and our MC # is 600865.  We have a stellar 100% safety record. In renting any form of transportation safety should be your first concern. Have a happy event.  Five Towns Limousines 516-374-2545 Happy to be of assistance, John Erbis

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